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    How to BBQ All Year Round

    If you love to BBQ, then the winter season should not hinder you from enjoying the delicious taste that comes from firing up the grill. There are many different ways that you can enjoy BBQ year round, even in the winter. In fact, according to the Weber® Blog for Grillers by Grillers, “more than half of American grill owners grill all year round and a whopping 37 percent keep on grilling when the temperature dips below freezing.” If you love to grill and long to pick up your tongs and fire-up the grill all year, then it is best to be prepared. Here are some helpful tips on how to fire up the grill and BBQ during every season:

    Be Prepared to Change Your Grilling Equipment in Extreme Weather Conditions
    In extreme weather conditions, you may need to adjust your grill equipment. For gas grills it is important to position the grill at a 90 degree angle to the wind in extremely cold weather, which will help maintain the temperature inside the grill during harsh weather. For those who own a charcoal grill it is suggested to purchase more charcoal briquettes in the winter months than during the summer months, as a grill needs more charcoal during the winter to properly grill the food.

    In Cold Weather, Use a Smoker
    The hot summer months can make it unbearable to use a smoker, which is why a smoker can be the perfect way to grill during the winter months. Smokers are designed to cook foods very slowly and require very little maintenance. Usually, the food being prepared on a smoker will only need to be checked every hour. With the array of holidays that occur during the winter months, a smoker can be a perfect way to prepare holiday meals with very little effort. For those who love to grill but hate the cold weather, this may be the perfect way for them to grill during the winter months.

    Be Cautious of Clothing Worn during Cold Weather
    Although it is important to stay warm during the winter, it is also important to be sure the proper attire is worn while operating a grill. Loose clothing, such as sweaters, jackets, and pull-overs, should be avoided when grilling because there is a risk of the clothing catching fire. Scarves and toboggans with long strings also pose an increased risk of fire, so they should never be worn when using a grill.

    In Cold Weather, Make Sure the Lid Remains on the Grill as Much as Possible
    When food is grilled in cold weather, it will obviously take longer to cook. If grill owners are constantly picking up the lid and checking the food, then this will also prolong the cooking process. In order to achieve the best results in cold weather, it is important for grill owners not to open the grill too often. Grill owners that only raise the lid when needed will spend less time than those who raise the lid every five seconds.

    Be Sure Your Grill is Placed in a Safe Area
    It is important that grill owners place their grill in a safe and hazard-free area, which will prevent damage or injury. Under no conditions should outdoor grills be used indoors or under a covered surface. Grill owners should also be certain that grills are placed away from siding or any material that can catch fire. If there is snow on the ground, then you should clear a path that is free from snow and ice prior to using your grill. This will ensure you have a save passage from the grill to your kitchen. Grill owners should also choose an area that shields the grill from the wind and cold, but under no circumstance should the grill be placed in an area that can increase the risk of fire or heat damage to property.

    When the Weather is Too Bad for Outdoor Grilling, Purchase a Cast Iron Grill Pan
    Although grilling can be done all year, there are certain instances when the weather permits grill owners from outdoor grilling. Snow, ice, and frigid temperatures are a few reasons grill lovers may surrender to the harsh weather that occurs during winter. However, a cast iron grill pan is the perfect way to substitute an outdoor grill. Not only will you be able to enjoy the great taste of grilled food, but you will also stay indoors and out of the cold weather.

    When Using a Grill at Night, Be Sure to Have Sufficient Lighting
    There is not as much daylight during the winter months as during the summer months, so it is important for those who grill in the winter to have sufficient lighting around the grill area. Insufficient lighting can pose a danger because grill owners may not be able to see the grill properly, and they also have an increased risk of tripping due to bad lighting. For a safe grilling experience, ample lighting is recommended.

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