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    Don't Panic - DIY This Halloween!

    You told yourself you wouldn't wait until the last minute to get a Halloween costume. Yet, here you are again, invited to a cool party not knowing what to dress up as. Costumes can be expensive, and the hassle of going out to the costume store may not be appealing. As luck would have it, we at Lady Luck Casino® Black Hawk have six last-minute costume ideas that don't cost a lot of money, and they'll have everyone giving you props for your creativity!

    Suit of Armor

    If you have any empty boxes lying around, you can cut them up and tape them together to make yourself a suit of armor. Use silver tape when creating your costume to give it that extra special touch. While this costume may require some time to put together, if done right, it can be really impressive. Go the extra mile and create a silver battle axe out to go with it!

    Crazy Cat Lady

    If you still have a box full of stuffed animals from your childhood, this costume may be right up your alley. Wear your favorite pajamas and robe. Adhere any stuffed cats you can find to your robe. A set of glasses and rollers in your hair will put this over the top.

    Three Sheets to the Wind

    Grab three twin-sized sheets and wrap them around yourself. Try to make it appear to be flowy, as if the wind is blowing it. Now you're three sheets to the wind. Have yourself a few drinks beforehand and you'll make the costume come to life!

    A Miner

    On the flipside of being three sheets to the wind, you could be a miner. Find a hardhat you can attach a light to or get a miner's hat. Overalls and a pickaxe will bring this costume together. When someone offers you a drink at the party, politely decline stating you can't since you're just a miner.

    A Deer in Headlights

    This is an easy costume that allows you to dress however you want; though, dressing all in brown would elevate the costume. For the headlights, go to the hardware store and buy a couple of the round battery operated push lights you'd normally buy to stick to the wall. Instead, stick them on your chest. Wear a pair of felt antlers on your head to complete the costume.

    Static Cling

    Raid your pile of laundry and grab any loose socks you can find. Attach them to your shirt along with some dryer sheets. Tease your hair, or spike it if it's short, to add to the look.

    Get Into Character

    Look through your wardrobe to see if there's anything you can use to make a great costume. If you have black and white clothes, be a mime. Wear a plain white T-shirt, cuffed-up jeans, and slick back your hair to be a fifties guy. Women can wear a side ponytail, or tease their hair, with some ripped jeans for the ultimate 80's style. Just make sure to play the part!

    Just because your costume is last-minute, doesn't mean it can't be fun and creative. Think outside the box, or in it, perhaps, and you'll realize you have the makings of a great costume already with some things around your house. Remember to get into character and have fun. Happy Halloween!



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