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    A Classic Take with a New Face — New Ways to Win!

    If you're struggling to wrap your head around the sheer number of gaming options in Black Hawk, then simply ask your cab driver to take you to the place where smiles are the name of the game: Lady Luck Casino® Black Hawk. If you're looking for the most exhilarating and fantastic slot machines in Colorado, then look no further than our casino. Our array of gaming options will impress and leave you planning your next visit.

    Play More. Be Happy.™

    Among all of the must-haves and can’t-miss attraction at our casino, the Play More. Be Happy. Progressive Slot Machine and the Ellen DeGeneres Show™ Video Slots are the ones you need to get your hands on upon arrival. These are our newest slots, and ones that promise to drive you crazy with gaming fervor!

    A lot of us are still big fans of the classic reel slots. The Play More. Be Happy. revives the vintage feel of playing your favorite reel and blends it with our Play More. Be Happy. mantra, for a modern twist. Although it has been in our casino for just a short while, this slot has quickly become a fan favorite. Get here quick to try it out!

    The Ellen DeGeneres Show™ Video Slots have also become a hit. The game features the 12 Days of Giveaways and Ellen’s Dance Party, along with some bonus features that can be unlocked through gameplay. Trivia, free spins, and dancing with your favorite talk show host… what’s not to love?

    Exciting New Slots

    We don’t want you to stay glued to one slot, so be prepared to choose from over 450 other loose slot machines! Below are three games that you simply can't afford to miss out on during your time with us.

    The Lord of the Rings™: The Reels of Rivendell
    If you're a fan of “The Lord of the Rings,” then this is a game that you'll fall in love with! The Reels of Rivendell slot brings to life the characters of Middle Earth™ through character-based bonuses and unforgettable clips from "The Lord of the Rings" films. With bonuses for all of your favorite characters, this slot is sure to offer something more rewarding for all “The Lord of the Rings” fans.

    Battleship is another one of the latest attractions here at Lady Luck®. Fire pegs at the top screen to sink one of four progressive ships in Battleship spins! The Battle Board Feature lets you choose from WILDS, WILD Reels and Multipliers.

    Shake the Tree and Win Big
    Shake the Tree of Eternal Fortune™ has a Moonlight Bonus Feature that gives you a chance to be the next progressive jackpot winner! The more time you spend with this slot, the bigger your chance of winning instant credits, wild reels or wild reels with multipliers!

    Dazzling Video Poker Games

    If you thought slot machines were the only things bringing people to Lady Luck, you may want to think again! Our highly popular and dazzling video poker games are just as big an attraction as any slot machine in the city. If you have never tried video poker games before, then you should get started as soon as possible. Double Down Stud®, Triple Play™, Double Bonus Poker and Wheel Poker are will have you feeling like a pro in no time!

    $10,000 Jackpot Frenzy

    If you're looking to collect a mammoth prize, then Lady Luck has the perfect promotion for you. Get to know our $10,000 Jackpot Frenzy! Opening on August 29 from 2 - 7 p.m., this promotion will give you a shot at another big jackpot if you already have won a taxable jackpot since July 13. All you have to do to take part is place your entry into the drawing!

    As you can probably tell by now, we have so much to do here. Stop by soon, and remember to follow us on Facebook® for contests, promotional information and news!


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