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    5 Reasons Why Oktoberfest is the Best Time of Year

    Autumn. Just hearing the word instantly conjures up seasonal imagery of apple picking, gorgeous russet foliage, and all things pumpkin spice. However, for those of us with a penchant for more adult festivities (as well as a fondness of barley and hops), Oktoberfest proves the ultimate fall celebration. Here are five definitive reasons why Oktoberfest truly is the very best time of year.

    The Beer
    Let's start with the obvious: all the beer makes Oktoberfest a fabulous time of year. Local festivals showcase an extensive collection of both craft and more mainstream beers so you can get your fill of this year's best brews. Come ready to fill a stein or two with recognized favorites and new tastes alike.

    The Clothes
    You don't need a passport to enjoy an authentic Oktoberfest outfit experience. Add to your personal enjoyment factor by donning traditional Bavarian attire. Fact: Lederhosen is not only fun to wear, it's really just fun to say. You'll also find yourself surrounded by dirndls (think Alp peasant-chic), aprons and feathered hats. Pick your favorite look and fit right in with the crowd. Bonus: these garments can easily double as your Halloween costume this year!

    The People
    Look around and know you have much in common with your fellow Oktoberfest participants. Everyone there shares a common love of beer, festivities, and fun. It's great to attend these events with current friends, but many find the tribal, communal nature of these celebrations delivers a perfect forum to make new friends as well.

    The Music
    No proper Oktoberfest would be complete without music. Many local celebrations offer tents blasting traditional (read: polka) music as well as more contemporary tunes. Use this opportunity to stretch out your vocal chords as well as test out some new dance moves, secure in the knowledge that you are having fun in a judgment-free party zone.

    The Food
    We all know that beer takes center stage at Oktoberfest; however, it's not the only palatal delight you'll enjoy here. Huge pretzels, artisan brats, roasting chickens, and even sweet treats mark just some of the culinary indulgences you will discover. Pair your food with a complimenting beer and enjoy!

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