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    4 Ways to Ring in 2016

    Whew! This year went by at record speed. We hope you all were able to accomplish everything you set out to do this year, and more. As this year comes to an end, there are more pressing issues at hand like trying to figure out where you’re going to ring in the New Year. Regardless of what you decide to do, just make sure you bring it in right! Here’s a list of some creative ways for you to welcome 2016.

    1. Hanging With Friends

    If you’re going to bring in the New Year, you should be surrounded by people you know and love. Celebrating the New Year doesn’t have to be costly, and it doesn’t even have to be wild and crazy. Simply gather your closest buds, and have a night of reminiscing. You and your friends could begin the night by going to your favorite restaurant. Then end it at your house, setting goals or creating vision boards.

    2. Take a Trip

    It’s time to get creative with your New Year’s celebration. Take the money you would have spent on partying and invest it into a trip. Travel is one of the best ways to create memories. If you’re a fan of snow, take a ski trip. Alternatively, if you live in a cold climate, escape to the beach! Who knows… it could turn into an annual event!

    3. New Year’s Predictions

    This activity is a lot of fun. Gather your friends around, get out some sheets of paper, and have everyone write down predictions for themselves for the New Year. There are two ways you can do this. Write predictions for yourself, and then seal them up. The following New Year’s, everyone can open them up to see if they’ve come true. Or, have your friends and family write predictions for each other. Put the predictions in a bowl, and read them aloud at the end of the night.

    4. Big Game Safari

    You could always hang out with us as well! Here at Lady Luck Casino® Black Hawk, we’ve come up with a unique way to celebrate the New Year… The Big Game Safari! From 4p.m. – 1a.m., we’ll be picking five winners every hour, who will join our safari guides in playing some rewarding jungle games, like Vine Swing, Alligator Bop & more! Prizes will range up to $1,000.

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    New Year’s Eve will be here before you know it. Don’t spend it all alone. We look forward to seeing you. Happy New Years!

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